Thinking twice

A week ago, I had participated in a conference in another country. The conference was held in a big hall with many participants who were sitting apart. The presenters had to talk in a microphone that was fixed in the corner of the podium. While, the presentation was run on a pc in the lower part of the hall, inaccessible to the presenters. Therefore, the presenters used a remote control to play the presentation and change the slides. The main part of the story starts right here!

The first presenter turned toward the large screen on his back in the podium to change the slides while he was explaining his presentation, but he encountered a problem and was told that he should turn himself completely toward the pc on the opposite side of the hall to be able to change the slides with the remote control. This happened to many other presenters and they all did the same movement in order to change the slides.

My presentation was right after the first break and I decided to check the remote control by myself. Surprisingly, I found out that I did not need to turn my body toward the pc in order to change slides using this funny remote control. It actually worked very well for me. I was confused, why none of the previous presenters tried to test the remote control before their presentations and they just assumed what the others did was correct and turned their bodies with the remote control in their hand toward the pc to change the slides?

I asked myself if it was because they were stressed and did not think properly beforehand or if they had just trusted what other people did and therefore did not bother to test the remote control by themselves?

This reminded me of many other occasions in the life when we just follow the same path that others have taken or we have been taught to take without thinking twice and evaluating the situation by ourselves.

What can we learn from this example next time that we try something new? Should we rethink and examine the situation by ourselves before we take any action?

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