Hectic days

I have been very busy during the last two months working  intensely on my EU research proposal. I have even worked hard when I was sick or during the Christmas Holidays. I have still some days to work on it before the deadline. My strategy is that I should make myself calm in the middle of these hectic days. Today, I decided that I need to brake and breath deeply to find my energy back. The energy that helps me to write a successful proposal despite all the chaos that is around me. I know that all these days will pass as the other critical days of my life have passed. I have said this to myself whenever I have been  under pressure in such a situation, but we human beings usually forget the lessons and get stuck in the middle of life critical moments. Tonight, I am reminding this to myself  and to you the reader of this post that sometimes we need to slow down in the middle of rush hours of our lives:-)

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