Our location on the Earth

Have you ever noticed that your geographic location defines how you see and feel things? For two persons located in two different locations on the Earth, life might be assessed differently. While one has finished a day and may or may not be happy with the past day, the other person is starting a new day. It is amazing how our physical location and time affects our mind and consequently our life. In the last few weeks, Bergen where I live has surprisingly had very nice weather and this has made it possible to see a clear sky with beautiful stars at night. A few nights ago, I was looking at the stars and tried to locate them in the sky but suddenly they moved or disappeared. You might have heard that the star light that we see from the Earth is not instant; we see it after many years (elapsed time). This delay is caused by our location on the Earth in the Universe. Therefore, we see an event so many years after it has happened. With this in mind, I just wonder if we should trust the time and what we experience in our physical lives every day? Sometimes, we are too concerned about a specific issue and think a lot and make detailed plans in order to achieve what we aim for. In the end of the day, we look back and we see we are done and it was just a matter of time.

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