How do you define yourself?

Today, I got a seat in the Bergen light rail (bybane), where I have a space to put my notebook and write. How lucky I am! This is right after I thought about this question, who am I? while walking toward the station. Does this question resonate with you? You might have asked yourself this question before. Here, I am going to challenge myself and you, the reader of this post. Recently, I wanted to introduce myself in a classroom where the audience was from different social and educational backgrounds.I thought what should I say? What is the best way to introduce myself? Shall I say I hold a PhD (Nope!), I am a researcher (Nope!), what if this is not relevant any more, and what if I have no job (just temporary). What should I call myself?  Just Anita but Anita could be the name of anyone else and does not represent me. What is my own characteristic that I can use to introduce myself? I have been to many conferences, where the chairman had introduced the speakers with a long list of their positions but are we our positions or do we own them? Who we really are apart from all the possessions, achievements and names? And how do you define yourself?

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