“I am always the winner regardless of whatever happens in my life.” This is what I wrote in my notebook a week ago when I was thinking of my recent research applications. I have been working very hard on them. Therefore, I was very excited to get to know if my applications finally get funded. Looking back into my notes I found the following statements:

“I want to be strong and comfortable with whatever happens in my life. I am quite open to my life happenings and ready to accept any possible outcomes.”

Yesterday was the final day:-) By the end of the day, I found out that one of my main applications is not on the list of funded applications.  That came strange to me and I could not believe it because I was and I am still sure of the scientific merit of my application.

However, I was not disappointed. My reaction was completely neutral and I had no strong feeling rather than being comfortable with the results. I once again reminded myself that I am always the winner no matter what happens. In fact, the way that I see my life, my success is in my own hands and cannot be controlled by external reasons.

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