Life is Uncertain

Life is uncertain. We don´t know where it takes us. We don´t know what is the best choice. Most of the time, we are struggling to find solutions to our concerns.  My mind has been switching between different thoughts these days as I faced a lot of uncertainties in my life. I do not know if I can meet all the milestones and promises that I have made because some of them are out of my control. I am doing my best to look at different scenarios or directions to find the best solution but it is not that easy. Sometimes life circumstances take me into a storm that I can even feel its effect on the muscles of my face. Why I cannot be relaxed as I always aim to be? Why I am occupied with these concerns and uncertainties I asked myself?

My daughter posed me an interesting question today: Why can´t we human beings live without uncertainties? I told her that it´s because we should be able to risk in our lives. We should be excited about what is going to happen in our lives. We do not need to know everything beforehand. Life would be very boring and like a program dictated to us if we knew everything and could accomplish everything that we have planned.  Then it would not be us living the life, it would be a machine following its given path. And suddenly I felt “Oh”, what an awful and boring life that would be….

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