Starting from the end

How does it feel to you? Does it sound familiar or strange? Does it sound meaningful or make no sense?
Any way, that was a message that I got today while doing some geological work on the outcrops in Italy. The slope that we went up to do some measurements were so steep that we decided to start the next level of our measurements (2m above the ground) from the end instead of going back to the start point downhill and again climbing up to reach to the end. I just wrote it as a note in my student notebook “started from the end” and suddenly realized that was such a wonderful message😊why not applying it to our life. When you have experienced difficulty reaching your life goal uphill just let go of it and start from the end, exactly from where you are, be assured that the return is definitely downhill and you can easily make it. Don’t worry! You have already made it, although you feel exhausted while reaching your goal uphill. In other words you are on the track, just be relax😊 And watch where your life takes you downhill.

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