Life and death

Acknowledge your life now

I realized it is just a moment between life and death. I was alone in a hotel room for a business trip to the US and had a cold that bothered me with coughs for an almost a month. I was in the bed and waked up because of intense coughing at 5:00 am. I decided to stop the non-stop coughs by washing my mouth and drinking some water, but suddenly I got some water in my throat and I could not breathe. I got panic for a moment thinking if I am going to die from suffocation in this hotel room. I realized that nobody could help me even if I could call the hotel receptionist, it could be too late. At that moment, I decided to calm myself down and breathe in between my intense coughs in order to survive. Surprisingly, I survived but I understood that all of our pride, achievements in this physical life is dependent on a breath, which could be simply stopped by any reason. So, my recommendation to you is to not take your life for granted. Appreciate Your life now at this moment, because you do not know if you will be alive in the next moment.




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