Excited or exhausted?

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Lately, I have been reviewing my life for the past weeks and days. It is amazing how different I have felt from week to week or from day to day. Sometimes I felt so excited about an event or an occasion in my life that my heartbeat has literally raised and I felt so energetic and enthusiastic that I could climb the Everest. It felt as I was the happiest and the luckiest in the world. You might think that everything has been positive and perfect on those occasions but it is not totally true. I have got bad news too, unsuccessful applications after many months of work and efforts but it did not affect me as such.

In contrary, I have had many exhausting days that stole all my energy and I could barely breathe, but I still smiled as I usually do in any circumstances.  I could not understand why I could not be still happy and energetic as I was in the other days. I felt as life has taken the control over me and I could not help the situation.

I am looking at my life and I wonder why? Why so many feelings? Why sometimes excited and sometimes exhausted? I know that we are humans with various feelings but how can we control our feelings without controlling our life?

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