Dreams and plans

#Taking the risk#

I have a funny story to share with you:-) We have two hens at home that have been with us for the last two years since they were just one week old. They are sisters:-) The funny thing about them is when we open the door of their big cage, one of them quickly jumps out and goes around the yard. She is ready and happy to discover new places but the other one has a hard time to leave her home and we actually need to force her to go out. When she is out, she just stays around the cage and never goes farther by herself. She seems to be afraid of experiencing new areas of her life. This inspired me to write about taking risks in our  own lives. How many times have you been in a situation that has been uncertain for you but you needed to make a decision or take a risk anyway?  I think we are  very often challenged to take risks in our lives without even noticing it. Those who are alert can immediately notice it and can make a smart decision right away and open new doors to their lives. Those who are afraid do not let themselves to see the opportunities and new avenues of their lives. What do you choose for your life?

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