United people

I was not aware of my nationality until I moved outside my “home country” and became a “foreigner”. A name that is heavy to bear with. Whenever, I hear this word, it sounds strange and unfamiliar to me. Even after so many years living in another country that i s so lovely and feels home to me, I am still considered a foreigner because of my birth place! It is sad to see so much emphases on the differences in the mind of people. It is hard to believe that in the 21st Century people are discriminated because of their nationalities, religions, and colour of their skins,….Despite the hatred and anger that is raising in this world, which emphasises  the differences, I choose to see the common characteristics of human beings.  I choose to see the authentic beauty in every person around me in this world. I choose to remember what makes sense to me and remind myself of the unity of the nations. This is the future of the world, a united nation, a united world, that does not zoom in on the differences but rather has a value to be proud of and that is the essence of the humanity, “to be kind to themselves and to any existing being around them”.

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