self-help discussion

New self-help discussions at Vitalitetsenteret, Bergen, Norway:

Address: Wolffs gate 12, 5006 BERGEN

The course is  voluntary and completely free of charge.

Duration and start date: starting in 30. September 2016, Fridays from kl. 16.30. Totally 8 weeks, no course during the school fall holiday (høstferie)

Registration: please send an e-mail with your name to by Wednesday 28th September.

Writer and the course holder:  Anita Torabi

Book: What Really Matters? A Wake-Up Call for the Life Journey

Category: self-help and self-improvement

Language: English but discussions in Norwegian are possible depending on the attendees.

Number of participants: min. 4 and max. 20

The course lasts between 45 and 60 min and include:

Introduction, a topic (a chapter of book) will be discussed. Topics are: Happiness, Fear, Uncertainty, Critical moments, Kindness and love, Hope, Passion, Change

Looking inside the book is available via Google,  Amazon and

See also for motivational writings



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